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Jose D'Aragon


With a virtuoso touch Jose D´Aragon is able to create a ‚resonance orchestra’ on the guitar that is admired my reviewers and critics. His interpretations are characterized by an impeccably rich and transparent sound, imbued by an incredible shade of colours, techniques, skills and proficiencies.

He is not only a distinguished guitarist using 10 and 11 - stringed guitars, but also a renowned composer and conductor.






C. Robert Hopf - plucked string instrument manufacturer


The string instrument manufacturer “C. Robert Hopf” is well known as a traditional and innovative craft trade for over 100 years. The company is specialised in the manufacture of chord zither.








Guitar strings guide for Concertguitares, Westernguitares, E-Guitares & Bass
Here you can learn everthings about strings –
and which strings fits to you and your instrument.






Orpheus music search engine


Orpheus is a search engine ideal for searching and finding systematically German music homepages.

A portal to the world of music

Gitarrenunterricht Ingolstadt


Hallo Freunde der gepflegten Gitarrenmusik!
Daniel Eiba bietet ein Gitarrenunterrichtskonzept an, das individuell für jeden zugeschnitten ist. Ihr lernt viel Praxis, könnt innerhalb kurzer Zeit "richtig Musik machen", ohne dass dabei die Theorie zu kurz kommt. Seit kurzem bietet er darüber hinaus auch Unterricht für Ukulele an!
Einfach ausprobieren.




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