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The workshop  - centre of a luthier’s life.

This is the place where next to guitar building, repair work and restorations are made.
Machines are hardly to be found. Most of the tasks are performed with planes, ripping chisels and violin making knives recognizing artisan tradition.

Making Guitars

Guitar building starts with the selection of suitable wood. Only wood at the highest quality constitutes the foundation for a good guitar. I choose the wood individually according to quality, age, cutting, habit and colour. This work is a great source of joy and the personal contact to tone wood supplier is very important for me.

Before any use, the selected woods are stored for several years at my workshop. The building of a guitar is performed according to the wishes of the guitarist. In this way a customized instrument can be crafted for the guitarist embracing the personal handwriting of the luthier. As a matter of course you are free to choose the woods for the guitar personally.

Once the right wood is chosen the building of the guitar according to traditional handcraft can commence. The offered standard models base on the tradition of the Spanish luthier “Antonio Torres” and are combined with the knowledge of modern guitar building and techniques.  As with many other guitar builders this kind of guitar is manufactured using the Solera method. Most suitable is here a Spanish neck with the traditional “Spanish foot”.

The guitar rests in the Solera while inserting and gluing the bent sides. But only after manufacturing and adapting the back of the guitar the sides are glued to it. Afterwards the guitar is taken out of the Solera.

The guitar body is finished and the purflings can be fitted accurately.

Dhe fingerboard made of ebony is glued near the end and subsequently the angular neck of the guitar is shaped into a round form.

The top of the guitar is usually polished with shellac. After the corpus is finished with varnish it will then be polished to a high gloss.

After gluing the bridge and fitting the saddle the guitar is stringed and tested.

Photo gallery

The new construction of a classic guitar

From raw material to a finished classical guitar. All steps shown in pictures
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