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Reparation and Restoration.

Eventually, every guitar requires a ‚genuine’ reparation.
I am more than happy to have a look at the ‚patient’.

Mechanical damages can be caused by accidents or climatic effects. Also gradual signs of aging can make repair work necessary.

The most common damages are dry cracks on the top, dissolved bridges or dismantled parts of the beam construction. When a guitar is played frequently and intensively wear and tear/abrasion of the frets or the occurrence of indentations on the fingerboard may happen and ought to be remediated. Not only for the maintenance of the value but also for the playability of an instrument the reparation of frets or even replacement of the entire fingerboard might be worthwhile.


Top is re-glued to the sides.. Here the oud is obtained with a new top.


The top of this guitar is removed…. …..replaced.


Dry cracks on the top, the frame or the base as well as dissolved bridges can be repaired – Come and see me and I sort it out.
Without any obligation I can have a look at your instrument and you are free to decide afterwards what to do.

On the next page you will find a price list of the most common repair works. The indicated prices are not binding and thus subject to changes.
A binding quotation will be made only after viewing your instrument.


Preparation for a new bridge. The segments of the back of a mandolin are glued.












Almost every instrument has weak points……
….but there are solutions to it!!
Damages are in the majority of cases repairable!

The bridge ihas become loose and defect... ...the bridge is now fully replaced.


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