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For any repairs, it is necessary to inspect the instrument. Only then I can provide detailed advice and give a realistic assessment of the cost-benefit ratio. Practically any damage can be repaired. The question is often only whether it is worthwhile for the respective instrument.

I would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate including material costs before each repair.

Repair Work on Wood


Repair of broken neck (simple) from 45,00 €
Repair of broken neck and varnish repair from 80,00 €
Gluing of loose bridge 45,00 €
Gluing of cracks on the top, sides or back 45,00 €
To feather a crack, insertion of wood stripe  from 80,00 €
Attach loose parts 40,00 €
Fitting of mechanics (without tuners) 25,00 €
Fitting of mechanic
(sealing old holes and drilling new ones)
from 45,00 €
New Top or new back on request

Repair Work on Fretboard


New frets for classical guitar
incl. adjustment of the fingerboard
200,00 €
Adjustment of frets and polishing - classical guitar 85,00 €
Lateral adjustment of frets (edge of fingerboard) 25,00 €
Replace of a single Fret 15,00 €
Mounting of fret markings (lateral 5-7-12) 25,00 €
New fretboard
(incl. removing old fingerboard)
340,00 €

Bridge & Saddle


Saddle – new construction from bones 45,00 €
Bridge inlay – new construction from bones 30,00 €
New Bridge construction and glueing from 120,00 €



This work includes the optimisation of strings and frets

Replace of new Strings  - work only 15,00
Adjustment of concert guitar

34,90 €



Varnishing on request
French polishing on request


All repairworks are calculated on the basis of 35,00 € per houre.  For all further works the same basis is valid on prior agreement.

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